Christmas Lights Map

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Check out our map showing all the greatest Christmas Lights to view in Kamloops! Our map shows all the regular homes dressed up in lights, as well as submission sent to us by the people of Kamloops.

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Title Address Description
Wildlights at the BC Wildlife Park
9077 Dallas Dr, Kamloops, BC V2C 6V1, CanadaLearn more
1175 Moray Street
1175 Moray St, Kamloops, BC V2B 0C2, Canada
2503 Oak Hills Blvd
2503 Oak Hills Blvd, Kamloops, BC V2B 8B9, Canada
2721 Skeena Dr
2721 Skeena Dr, Kamloops, BC V2E 2M9, Canada
1505 Mt. Dufferin Ave
1505 Mt Dufferin Ave, Kamloops, BC V2E 1A8, Canada
1950 Sapphire Court
1950 Sapphire Ct, Kamloops, BC V2E 2P1, CanadaWe gratefully accept donations for the Kamloops Boys and Girls Club. Donation Box out front.
1734 Springview Place
1734 Springview Pl, Kamloops, BC V2E 1E2, CanadaBest to come when the weather isn’t too bad as it can get icy in the cul-de-sac. Display is on 5pm to Midnight.
3719 Overlander Drive
3719 Overlander Dr, Kamloops, BC V2B 8M4, CanadaThese are all hand painted and cut from plywood.
5215 Dallas Dr
5215 Dallas Dr, Kamloops, BC V2C 4W4, CanadaCassie’s 4th Annual Christmas Charity Drive for Hospice. Please consider a donation:
899 Ida Lane
899 Ida Ln, Kamloops, BC V2B 6V2, CanadaThis house is next level Christmas. This is one of the top must see Christmas displays in Kamloops. This family’s Christmas display has thousands of dancing lights and displays that make this a true must see! You can see this display from both 899 Ida Lane, and from Sage Drive. Both angles are really cool to see it from!
1732 Hillside Dr
1732 Hillside Dr, Kamloops, BC V2E 1B6, Canada
941 Battle St
941 Battle St, Kamloops, BC V2C 2M9, Canada
2202 Crosshill Dr
2202 Crosshill Drive, Kamloops, BC V1S 0C3, Canada
2203 Crosshill Dr
2203 Crosshill Drive, Kamloops, BC V1S 0C3, Canada
791 Dunrobin Drive
791 Dunrobin Dr, Kamloops, BC V1S 1V8, Canada
4104 Davie Road
4104 Davie Rd, Kamloops, BC V2H 1K8, Canada
216 Poplar St
216 Poplar St, Kamloops, BC V2B 4B8, Canada
40-712 Shuswap Rd E
40 Shuswap RdSouth Bend Estates. 3km past Sun Rivers.
845 Woodhaven Dr
845 Woodhaven Dr, Kamloops, BC V2B 6E4, Canada
1049 Pleasant St
1049 Pleasant St, Kamloops, BC V2C 3B7, Canada
1629 Westmount Drive
1629 Westmount Dr, Kamloops, BC V2B 6A1, Canada
360 Strawberry Ln
360 Strawberry Ln, Kamloops, BC V2H 1L6, Canada
2360 Tranquille Road
2360 Tranquille Rd, Kamloops, BC V2B 3N7, Canada
2643 Rosewood Ave
2643 Rosewood Ave, Kamloops, BC V2B 0C4, Canada
289 Oak Road
289 Oak Rd, Kamloops, BC V2B 1K9, Canada
718 Stewart Ave
718 Stewart Ave, Kamloops, BC V2B 3W7, Canada
1659 Adam’s Ave
1659 Adams Ave, Kamloops, BC V2E 2J5, CanadaTune in to 89.5 for the music!
2503 Sandalwood Dr
2503 Sandalwood Dr, Kamloops, BC V2B 6V3, Canada
2668 Briarwood Ave
2668 Briarwood Ave, Kamloops, BC V2B 0E2, Canada
1303 Highridge Drive
1303 Highridge Dr, Kamloops, BC V2C 5G5, Canada
607 Pine St
607 Pine St, Kamloops, BC V2C 2Z6, Canada

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