More Than Lips Balm

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More Than Lips is dedicated to producing plant-based, organic, cruelty-free, and earth-friendly lip products. Our line of lip balms come in unique flavours that have become the new favourite lip product by vegans and non-vegans alike! We only use naturally occurring, organic & simple ingredients that if and when digested or absorbed, are not harmful to our body. Our approach is simple yet powerful… make the world a healthier place. We never use animal products or test on animals and of course, all of our processes and packaging is earth-friendly.More Than Lips is committed to being good for you and good for the world. The company name comes from the idea that when you use our products, you are doing more than applying a cosmetic. A percentage of More Than Lips proceeds are donated annually to empowering and uplifting women worldwide. Make the choice to buy ethically and consciously. When you buy More Than Lips, you are choosing to love and respect yourself and the world you live in.. because it’s about more than your lips!

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