DIY Snow Globes

  • Small jars (I got mine at Hobby Lobby. You can also use baby food jars.)
  • A little toy to put inside. I recommend a party store for finding something. One thing to note is that the water is going to magnify how large your toy looks by quite a bit, so buy smaller than you think.
  • Glycerin (buy it at a drug store)
  • Glitter (I found that very fine glitter was better)
  • Heavy Duty Glue (Gorilla glue, E6000, Epoxy, etc.) I tried hot glue and it didn’t work very well
  • Needle nose pliers
With your hot glue gun, put a little hot glue on the bottom of your toy. Using the needle nose pliers, put it down into your jar where you want it. Press it down a little to get it firmly in place. Let the glue dry for 10 minutes. Fill your jar with water. Put one small squirt of glycerin in it (this is going to make your “snow” float better.) Add a pinch of glitter. I found that if you add too much it makes the snow globe look too hazy. Hot glue the lid in place and you’re done! Fun stuff!